Friday, 17 October 2014

13th Beta

Today, I have launched the 13th beta map. There are also reports that I get from my tester, and also strange bugs. I hope can finish it well...

also i need 
- suggestion for new item from combined health and mana stone.
- i need a new UI . also mini map preview at lan screen.

Friday, 10 October 2014

DON Beta 12th

For today the 12th beta map has been launch. You can join the 12th beta map at gameranger. Find one of my tester DeathFire , a7as7a3, GreedUponLove, or Zeiadn.
I got some minor reports. thats mean i can finish this map faster.
Some changes i do for 12th beta is:
- Added new default ability for Broly, Enel, Bhuu.
- Int items are give hp rather than mana. 
- agi items are more defense than hp regen.